Carolina-Joanna-Abbie Jane-Hettie

Wives of John "Jack" Johnson

Please Note : New DNA evidence will change the information listed below on the Wives of Jack Johnson. I will be sharing the information soon. -Elaine 

Children of Jack Johnson with Wives

Listed are all his children with married surnames:

Henry Johnson born 1844
Caroline Johnson Gully born 1845
Rufus Johnson born 1846
Francis Marion born 1849

Mother JOANNA:
William Johnson born 1850
Savannah Johnson Reed born 1854
Sallie Johnson Reed born 1856

Jane Johnson Turner born 1857
Mary Johnson Blackwell born 1861
Priscilla Johnson Nicholson Lampley born 1864

John Edward Johnson born 1872
G. Carline Johnson Perryman born 1875
Viola Johnson Cole born 1877
James W. Johnson born 1879
Mathew Theopolis Johnson born 1882
Lizzie Louvenia Johnson Shields born1883
Everette Johnson born 1885
Bessie Johnson Hathorn born 1889
George Haynes Johnson born 1890
Ruth Johnson Riddle Taylor Moore born 1893. Ruth according to oral history was daughter of Viola Cole and raised as Hettie's own child.

Mother Carolina

Carolina is listed as being born in NC on Frank's death certificate

Carolina d

Children and Death

Carolina is presumed to be the mother of Henry, Caroline, Rufus, and Francis Marion. It is unknown if Carolina died in late 1849 or early 1850 or was sold to another plantation .
The next three children were born to a Joanna.
There is a slave named Caroline in the 1850 Mortality Census in Greene County, Alabama who died March of 1850. She is of child bearing age born 1830.

Mother Joanna

In 1838 a slave child named Joanna with her mother Ann were in an estate sale and sold for $1123.00 to James S. Gordon, neighbor of John C. Johns(t)on in Greene County, Alabama

James S. Gordon Slave child Joanna in 1838 became wife of Jack Johnson copy

1856 and Death

In 1856 division of slaves a Joanna with Savannah and Sallie were awarded to Robert Wilson Johnson. Their value $1275.00.
William Johnson born 1850 lists a Joeanna as his mother on his death certificate.
It is not documented but is probable that Joanna was deceased by 1857. Jack's documented wife in 1857 was Abby Jane. Although there is the possibility Joanna was sold.

Screen Shot 2017-07-22 at 7.23.23 PM
Joanna copy

Mother Abbie Jane

Abby Jane was listed on Jane Turner's death certificate as her mother. Informant was Mathew Johnson from the second set.
Abby Jane is presumed to be the mother of Mary and Priscilla too. Possibly deceased between 1864-1870.

Abby Jane copy

Mother Hettie Brown