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Mathew Theophilus was born to John Johnson and Hettie Brown on March 15, 1882.
His name appears in documentations as Mathew, Matthew, and Matt.

Wife and Children

Spouse: Millie Welch
Birth: 21 Sep 1881
Death: 19 May 1946

1 M: Mercel Johnson
Birth: 14 Jan 1906
Death: 11 Apr 1982
Spouse: Myrtle Watkins
2 F: Vera Johnson
Birth: 7 Jul 1907
Death: 15 Dec 1988
Spouse: Perle Kirkland
3 F: Verna Johnson
Birth: 3 Oct 1908
Death: 8 May 1998
Spouse: Robert Anderson
4 F: Johnnie “Thelma” Johnson
Birth: 20 May 1910
Death: 13 Jul 1996
Spouse: Joe C. Hudson
5 M: Duel Johnson
Birth: 9 Sep 1912
Death: 13 Mar 1996
Spouse: Delores “Lois” Clay
6 F: Edweener Johnson
Birth: 10 Aug 1911
Death: 12 Aug 1912
7 M: Russell Lowell Johnson
Birth: 21 Apr 1915
Death: 24 Jul 2002
Spouse: Frances Watkins
8 M: Mark Lewis Johnson
Birth: 28 May 1917
Death: 1 Jun 1998
Spouse: Mary Prince
9 M: Myat Johnson
Birth: 3 Mar 1914
Death: 3 Apr 2010
Spouse: Gertrude Johnson
10 F: Beatrice Johnson
Birth: 31 Jan 1922
Death: 17 Dec 2005
Spouse: Luis Cantero Gonzalez, JR.
11 F: Dollye T. Johnson
Birth: 29 Nov 1918
Death: 12 Aug 2013
Spouse: James Lindsay
12 F: Marguarett Johnson
Birth: 29 May 1924
Death: 9 Aug 1993
Spouse: Grady McWilliams
Spouse: Willie Brown

Spouse: Merecy "Marie" Rush
Birth: 16 Dec 1909
Death: 7 Oct 1991


1 M: Billy Ray Johnson
Birth: 25 April 1938
Death: 23 Oct 2011
Spouse: Living C.

2 M: Theodis Johnson
Birth: 25 Jun 1931
Death: 29 Jun 2017
Spouse: Living
Spouse: Living
Spouse: Living

Family Stories

"I have so many fond memories of visiting my Grandpa Matt and Grandma Millie in their home and their General Store which was a wooden structure with tall exposed beamed ceiling and a portico which held a wooden bench on each side of the door. These benches accommodated customers and visitors who came for a chat or a taste of moonshine. The store front faced the farm house from across the yard, thus Grandpa could see when someone had come.

I remember in preparation for school and winter we would purchase a pair of black high top shoes, long cotton stockings, one piece union suit (long johns )and yardage for dresses. I especially enjoyed cheese sliced from a big round chunk that came in a big round wooden box and the neopolitan coconut candy which I still enjoy today.

I remember Christmas. Our family would arise e-a-r-ly before dawn, hitch up the mules and wagon and travel from Dekalb to Preston. We’d cut a Christmas cedar tree and dragged it to the house. We strung homemade popcorn garland, silver icicles and colored balls. Can’t recall the food, but remember the most delicious mouthwatering cakes and pies ever. At day’s end we would load up in the wagon for our ride back to Dekalb arriving after dark. Back then it was a long day event. Now a 15 to 20 minute drive.

In 1955 my brother, Willie, and I, after summer school at The Ohio State University, drove to Mississippi . We spent time with Grandpa and his wife Marie, helped with chores and picking cotton. Daily, Grandpa would pick ‘til noon and then he’d have to go wait on the porch for a salesman or go to town to pay the light bill. He no longer worked in the fields in the afternoon. We harvested watermelons by the truck loads. So many you couldn’t give them away. So, in the evening we would “bust” them open on the fence post, eat only the heart and pitch the rest over the fence to the pigs. Such good eating!!

In 1969 my two sons, Albon and Scott and I flew to Mississippi to spend some time with Grandpa and wife Marie. Albon was his first great grandson and Scott was born on his birthday. A customer came, remarked that I must have had a beautiful mother. Grandpa with his charming smile responded,”Her daddy wasn’t too bad”. My dad was his oldest child, Mercel, who was referred to as Buddy. Grandpa had much pride in his family of 11 surviving children."
-Shared by Yvonne McG.


Mathew was a farmer and ran a grocery store in the town of Kellis Store


Matt died June 1, 1970. He is buried in Chamberlain Cemetery West in Preston, MS

Photo Gallery of Mathew Johnson Descendants :

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