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Georgia "Carline" Johnson was born August 1, 1875 in Kellis Store, Kemper County, MS . Her second given name was used and pronounced Carlean and Carline.

Carline's married in 1891 to William Elijah Perryman. Perryman seems to be a surname change after the 1880 census which listed his name as John Hopson. It is unknown why this occurred. Some oral history stated that he wanted name change because of a troubled situation in Kemper County. Others speculated he found out his father's name. However, DNA suggests that Perryman in NOT his father's surname. It points to a surname of Williams.
William Elijah was the first African American agricultural agent in the area. He held that position in Neshoba County. MS


1 M: Walter Patie Perryman
Birth: 24 May 1896
Death: 7 Nov 1977
Spouse: Anna Bertha Romanoski
Marriage: 11 Feb 1929
2 F: Ethel Sadie Perryman
Birth: 18 Mar 1894
Death: 3 Jul 1982
Spouse: Arthur Wilson
Spouse: Jenie Cozie Hall
3 M: John Ovria “Ovie” Perryman
Birth: 31 Jul 1897
Death: 11 May 1956
Spouse: Nettie Triplette
4 M: James Lafon Perryman
Birth: Nov 1899
Death: 23 Jul 1926
5 M: Curtis Eugene Perryman
Birth: 28 Jun 1902
Death: 8 Feb 1995
Spouse: Louise Lolita Rush
6 F: Grace Viola Perryman
Birth: 12 Aug 1904
Death: 27 Jan 2011
Spouse: James Clemmons
Spouse: Samuel Malvin Roberts
7 M: Kermit Elijah Perryman
Birth: 27 Mar 1907
Death: 25 Nov 1970
Spouse: Icelee Donald
Spouse: Berniece Jones
8 F: Hettie Blanche Perryman
Birth: 7 Nov 1909
Death: 16 Nov 1988
Spouse: Robert Leonard Culberson
9 F: Verna M. Perryman
Birth: 23 Dec 1913
Death: 19 Feb 2011
Spouse: Irvin Culberson
Partner: Kenley Payton
Spouse: Johnson
10 M: Leo William Perryman
Birth: 26 Jun 1916
Death: 3 Jun 1990
Spouse: Zelma Alexander
Partner: Annie Culberson
Spouse: Living L.D.L.
Spouse: Grace Braud
11 M: Lafayette Perryman
Birth: 27 Feb 1921
Death: 5 August 2018
Spouse: Wavie Mae Lattimore
Spouse: Living M.K.K.


Frederick recalls going to his Grandma Carline's house.
He said, " Grandma had all these fruit trees; apple, peach, and plum. She canned and made preserves from the fruit. Also, she had all kinds of birds in the yard, chicken, geese, ducks, guinea fowl and turkeys. When she needed a turkey to cook we had to find the nest. The turkeys were fairly smart so it took some time. My cousin Homer and I were always together. Homer was Uncle Curtis' son. He was the one who died in college, I think from meningitis. Anyway, Homer and I had to always get some sticks and make a brush broom. We were responsible for sweeping the dirt yard from all the bird droppings. We also got into mischief. I recall Homer and I driving the geese babies to the creek. We each got on one side of the creek and had fun tapping the heads of the babies with a long pole (stick). The babies would go under and come up the other side where one of us would tap the head again. We really didn't tap hard but they made a lot of noise and grandma came up on us real fast. She got a switch off of a tree and whoopped us both real good for tapping the baby geese.
But for the most part Grandma was quiet. She didn't say much and when she did talk it was right to the point. She would talk to Papa a lot, though. Real pleasant.
One of the memories I see in my mind is Grandma brushing her hair. She was a small lady and had long straight gray hair down to her waist line. At one time it was all black. She would sit on the porch and flip her hair down and brush for almost an hour.
I remember picking nuts off the ground for her to make pecan pie, too."


Carline died March 11, 1963

Corlean Perryman r DC

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