George cell


George Haynes Johnson was born December 18, 1890 in Kemper County.

George Haynes Johnson

Wives and Children

Spouse: Ira McClain
Birth: 1893


1 M: Lawrence Johnson
Birth: January 22, 1914
Death: March, 1977
Spouse: Lurlee Hampton (December 13, 1919 - June 21, 2004)

2 F: Lester Johnson
Birth: Aug 1916
Death: 1985
Spouse: Chandler Jack
Spouse: Reese
Spouse: Mae Otis Lovelace
Birth: April 1,1916
Death: February 11, 1986


1M: Living C.

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Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 7.27.31 PM
Young Everette Johnson
From Robert W. -Restored by Elaine

The Photo above is marked Everette from an ancestor. However, C. J. believes this may be his father when younger . George was brother to Everette .


George died in Centreville, IL and was laid to rest in Sunset Gardens of Memory in St. Clair County, Millstadt, IL
His daughter Lester (Johnson) Jack Reese rests in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Omaha, Douglas County, Nebraska

Photo Gallery of George H. Johnson Descendants :