Sharing Photos

A big thank you for those who attended the Reunion in Biloxi! We had great attendance and new family connections. Family came from all over the United States. A shout out to Chris and Pat for organizing their California group and Pat L. who went above and beyond bringing her family to Biloxi from Colorado and Wisconsin.

The photos in the reunion gallery are a select few from our private Shutterfly account. At the Shutterfly account you can preview the multitude of everyone's photos, download, and order prints. If you have not received an invite to this site please contact us. Family members only.

If you want to share photos on this public website. Please email me at my personal address, drop box, or another method and I will upload. If you do not want to be on a public website please advise us. We will remove. No living descendants surnames will be used unless permission is given. Let me know if you want the caption to reflect your names. I ask each group to limit the photos for this website submissions from the 2017 reunion to 12 of your best photos. All the other photos (unlimited number) from the Reunions can be submitted for sharing at our Shutterfly site.

If you have ancestral photos for this site we appreciate it! Send via email or mail.

Thank you!

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