Mathew Theophlis Johnson married Millie Welch daughter of John and Nellar "Nellie" (McIntosh) Welch Perryman. Millie was born September 21, 1881 and died May 19, 1946 in Kemper County, Mississippi.
He married secondly, Merecy "Marie" Rush who was born in December 16th of 1909 and died October 7th, 1991.

Wife: Millie Welch
Wife: Millie Welch


Mercel 1.5

1. Mercel Johnson

was born January 14th, 1906 and died April 11th, 1982. He was married to Myrtle Watkins ( July 6, 1908 - June 17, 1977 ), daughter of Willie Watkins and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Jack [Hull].
His daughter Yvonne was one of the most helpful cousins to me when researching our family. She contacted and brought many family members to the Johnson reunion.


1M: Willie Johnson (Living)
2F: Yvonne Johnson [M.] (Living)
3F: Naomi Johnson [D.] (Living)
4M: Melvin Johnson (Living)


2. Vera Johnson [Kirkland]

was born July 7th, 1907 and died December 15, 1988 in St. Louis Missouri. She was married to Perle Lafayette Kirkland (October 24, 1904 - January 1987 )


1M: Finis Kirkland (Living)
2F: Gwendolyn Kirkland [C.] (Living)


3. Verna Johnson [Anderson]

was born October 3rd, 1908 and died May 8th, 1998. She was married to Robert Anderson.


No children

Thelma 1.5

4. Johnnie “Thelma” Johnson [Hudson]

was born May 20th, 1910 and died July 13th, 1996. She was married to Joe C. Hudson (December 25, 1902 - November 1, 1996).


1F: Madeline Hudson [Robinson] (May 15, 1937 - April 9, 2016 )
2F: Helen Maxine Hudson [W.] (Living)

baby icon

5. Edweener Johnson

Edweener died in infancy (August 10, 1911 - August 12, 1912)


6. Duel Johnson

was born September 9th, 1912 and died March 13th, 1996. He was married to Delores "Lois" Clay ( 1912 -March 13, 1996). He had no children.

Myat 1.5

7. Myat Johnson

was born was born in Kemper County, Mississippi on March 3, 1914 and died in Summit County, Ohio April 3rd, 2010). He was married twice, secondly to Gertrude Johnson (July 8, 1916 - February 15, 1986 ), daughter of Walter Johnson (not related) and Hessie Wesson.

Myat was the first Y DNA contributor (2004) of the Johnson family given to me to research our John "Jack" Johnson line.


1M: Walter Matthew Johnson (Living)
2F: Loretta "Lora" Johnson (Living)

Russell 1.5

8. Russell Lowell Johnson

Russell was born April 21, 1915 and died July 24th, 2002. He was married to Frances Watkins (March 9, 1925 - August 5, 2017). Frances was instrumental in providing me with a lot of family research information, photos, and conversations in the early 2000's. I am forever grateful!


1F. Michelle Johnson [M.] (Living)
2F: Daphne Johnson [T.] (Living)
3M: Russell Johnson, Jr. (Living)

1.5 photo

9. Mark Lewis Johnson

was born May 28th, 1917 and died June 1st, 1998. He was married to M.P. They had no children. His partner J. had one child, Gina.


1F: Gina Johnson [C.]

Dolleye 1.5

10. Dolleye Thoresa Johnson [Lindsay]

was born November 29, 1918 and died 2013. She was married to James Lindsay ( April 5, 1915 - 1999 )


1M: James Ronald Lindsay ( January 6, 1948 - April 19, 2010 )
2M: Myat Lindsay ( January 22, 1949 - May 14, 2017 )
3M: Matthew Lindsay ( Living)
4M: Edward Lindsay ( June 12, 1952 - March 15, 2020 )

Beatrice 1.5

11. Beatrice Johnson [Gonzalez]

was born January 31st, 1922 and died December 17th, 2005. She was married to Luis Cantero Gonzalez, Jr. (April 12, 1919 - February, 1990)


1M: Luis Cantero Gonzalez (Living)
2M: Hernandez Gonzalez ( December 4, 1949 - October 7, 2008 )
3M: Alfonso Gonzalez (Living)
4M: Barry Gonzalez (Living)
5F: Crystal Gonzalez [Correnti] (July 6, 1960 - February 19, 2012 )


12. Marguarett Johnson [McWilliams] [Brown]

was born May 29, 1924 and died August 9, 1993.
She was married and divorced to Grady Williams McWilliams and married secondly Willie Brown. She had no children.

Wife: Merecy "Marie" Rush
Wife: Merecy "Marie" Rush


Mercey "Marie" Rush (December 16, 1909 - October 7, 1991 ) had two children with Mathew T. Johnson. Her child William George "W.G." Johnson was from a union with her first husband William Johnson (1902-1956).

Theodis 1.5

1. Theodis Johnson

was born in 1931 and died June 29th, 2017. He was married secondly to Ruby, mother of his children. Ruby is living. He was married first to Geraldine McClure and had a step child Vicki. He was also married to a Pam.

1M: Theodis Johnson, Jr. (September 22, 1964 - January 6, 1990 ).
2F: Samantha Johnson (Living)
3F: Danita Johnson (Living)
4F: Martika Johnson (Living)

Billy Ray 1.5

2. Billy Ray Johnson

was born April 25th, 1938 and died October 23rd, 2011 in Crestwood, Illinois. He was married to Clelia G. (Living).


1M: Billy Ray Johnson, Jr. (Living)