John Edward 1872-1942


Johnnie was born in the town of Kellis Store in Kemper County, Mississippi on July 19th,1872 to John Johnson and Hettie Brown.

Wife and Children

Johnnie was married to Daisy Welch.
Daisy was born December 9th, 1874
in Mississippi to:
John Welch and "Nellie" McIntosh.
1 F: Lucy Johnson
Birth: Feb 1894
Death: 1894
2 F: Linnie Johnson
Birth: 13 Oct 1895
Death: 15 Jan 1986
Spouse: Solar Riley
3 M: Willie Vanderbuilt “Van” Johnson
Birth: 14 May 1897
Death: 31 Jul 1973
Spouse: Ethel Lee Hunter Sherrod
4 F: Mattie Johnson
Birth: 1 Jan 1899
Death: 22 May 1993
Spouse: Walter Jones
5 F: Carlean Johnson
Birth: 2 Jan 1901
Death: Sep 1901
6 F: Gladys Johnson
Birth: 28 Jun 1902
Death: 3 Dec 2012
Spouse: John Anderson
7 M: Calvin Johnson
Birth: 6 Jan 1904
Death: Nov 1973
8 F: Nealer Johnson
Birth: 17 Aug 1905
Death: 11 Sep 1905
9 F: Olivia Johnson
Birth: 14 Mar 1909
Death: Feb 1996
Spouse: Elbert Murray
10 M: Welch Johnson
Birth: 31 Mar 1911
Death: 22 Oct 1982
Spouse: Thelma Lenton
11 F: Adelaide N. Johnson
Birth: 1914
Death: 1996
Spouse: Willie Odom
12 F: Ina Johnson
Birth: 4 Feb 1894
Death: 20 Aug 1974
Spouse: Henry Alexander
Spouse: Commodore Wilson

Stories of Johnnie

"Johnny Johnson was the oldest son of Hettie and Jack Johnson. He was a successful farmer in the Sixteen Section Community of Kemper County of Preston, Mississippi. He was known as a fair and just man who was gifted with interpersonal skills. He was able to manage a number of reliable farm hands as well as maintain tenant farmers who congenially worked together to operate a successful farm. He was active as a community leader and supportive of neighbors who were facing various hardships. He was known as a hard worker who worked alongside of field hands to complete farm work. He was also known to maintain a healthy line of livestock which was necessary for a productive farm. There are many stories related to his personal wit and bravery when in difficult or dangerous situations. Finally, it was said that Johnny loved to read and keep up with innovative thought regarding best practices for maintaining a full functioning farm. He was a devoted family man who provided for his immediate as well as his extended family." -Shared by Elvira J.

Son Arthur

In 1894 Johnnie fathered a child with a woman possibly named Susan Martin. Susan gave Arthur to Johnnie. He brought the baby home on his white horse. Arthur was raised by Johnnie and his wife Daisy. Daisy had recently lost a child and nursed Arthur. This is noted by oral history. Arthur does not appear in the census' with Johnnie. Although his son Perkins does in 1930. Arthur may have been listed under his presumed mother Susan Martin in 1900
1 M: Arthur Johnson
Birth: 1894
Death: 1957
Spouse: Claudie McClain


Johnnie was killed by lightning on September 9, 1942

Contributed by Katie and Elvira -From the 
Gholson, MS newspaper
Contributed by Katie and Elvira -From the Gholson, MS newspaper